March 04 2010

Have Fun with Rhyme Away Stories

While teaching in a K/1 special education classroom, I had the opportunity to observe the speech teacher do a Rhyme Away Story.  For this activity, she drew a picture of a boy on the dry erase board.  She then read the beginning of a rhyme and called on a student to complete the rhyme using a word from the picture.  Once the student chose the correct rhyming word he/she erased the corresponding portion of the picture.  For example, the teacher said “You can get rid of the bees, if you erase his ____.”  The student called on would say knees and erase the boy’s knees from the picture.

This was an excellent lesson that the students greatly enjoyed.  They couldn’t wait for their turns.

If you are interested, you can go to Rhyme Away Stories to see the full stories the teacher used or Erase A Rhyme to download other stories.

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